Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love Zillow

at least I do the last few weeks! Our house has gone up almost 15K in 30 days, and what is better than that is a foreclosure down the road sold for 10K more than their price and ours on Zillow and our house is bigger, our lot is bigger and our house is updated. For Ryan and I, this is a great sign that we will be able to move in two years. We need the housing market to get better and then Ryan will start looking for jobs in NYC. If needed, he will head up there while we wait for the house to sell and stay with friends or family and then the kids and I will follow later. We hope to buy a house upstate on the train line, I will keep working from home and hopefully snag an adjunct spot at a local college as well. Our dream is to get more land, FLAT land this time, a minimum of two acres and hopefully closer to five. We want to plant loads of fruit trees and make the mini farm I always wanted including chickens at the very least. The fact that this may happen, and soon, is so comforting to me since I am anxious to get out of VA!

On a side note, the baby is getting bigger by the day and hopefully when we get back from our quick trip to the lake this weekend, I will be able to move her into the cloth diapers. I need to get a routine going soon so I am ready for when school/work start, and although my washer is free almost every morning since we have kept on top of the laundry, diapers take a few washes so I need to plan for that every other day.

OK, off to bake bread for dinner. We are having spicy ham and beans with the bread, as well as a nice garden salad. Yum!

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