Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random junk since I was up until 6 am

OK, first, just because it amuses me, I need to comment on technology. I remember going away to college and bringing with me my Apple IIE and dot matrix printer. The internet was made up of line items and hard to access and no one really had email. Now I am not THAT old, and this was in 1993, so only a mere 16 years ago, and look how far we have come. Right now, my browser has three tabs open. One is this blog post, one is Facebook and one is the classroom for the online university I teach for. In 1993, there were no blogs and that term didn't exist! There was no Facebook or anything like that, and I have to say that I love Facebook and its ability to help you reconnect with old friends, I find it so interesting to see what they are all up to and to rejoin their lives again. Lastly, I never considered that you could teach at an online school, and that the education be a really good, top notch one and that THAT could be your full time job! Working remotely is the best byproduct of the internet, and it has allowed me to be home with the kiddos while still earning a living, never saw that coming in 1993 either.

OK, onward. Last night the littlest member of the family was very unhappy. She was fussy, overtired, gassy and uncomfortable, which in turn means she wants to nurse all night, be held and make the mama just as unhappy. Needless to say, three HUGE dirty diapers and loads of gas later, she was finally relatively quiet around 6 am when I walked her down to my husband and handed her off. Then I promptly went back to bed until 9 am when I needed to feed her again. Haven was very sensitive to the foods I ate, but Brittan and Grayson were not, so I guessed that Teagan was doing well until we tested the dreaded eggplant parm.....not a good outcome. Guess I am off the eggplant parm until she is six months old and has a stronger belly. Overall, she is not sensitive to much, so I thankful for that.

OK, off to work and Facebook at the same time...maybe I should also Twitter :)

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