Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hooray for Saturday!

Oh thank goodness it is Saturday and the hubby is home tonight! I made it through the week, and just need to make it the rest of today and we will be a-ok. Yesterday Gray had a doctor's appointment to check his leg and while I think it looks much better, the doctor was not impressed with his progress. We are now on fever watch,if he gets one we need to go straight to the ER since it means his joint is septic. He looks fine to me, aside from the limp, so I am guessing that is not the issue. He will, however, need to see an orthopedist if the leg is not better in a week, and the doc will check him again when we go for the baby's check up on the 21st. Seems this is the worse case she has ever seen of toxic synovitis...why am I not surprised it is my kid!

I then asked about the H1N1 vaccine and she understood our fears. With Haven, we worry that if there are any complications, especially neuro issues, she will get them, however we also worry about Grayson since his asthma is so bad. Right now we are just reading as much as we can. We will be getting the regular flu vaccine, and I am hoping Gray can have the nasal vaccine since his asthma has been under control, if not, I am requesting the mercury free shot for him, and nasal for the girls. Ryan and I will also get shots this year since Teagan needs us to all be protected to protect her. As for the H1N1 vaccine, I have to see what the potential side effects will be and will decide then, tough spot.

Then, just to make my day more fun, my car did a weird thing yesterday. While slowing down at a light, it was like it wasn't quite in gear and was hard to steer. When the light changed, I gave it gas and it jumped into gear. So far Chevy mechanics and my mechanic believe it is a fluke, but it makes me so worried. Being that I had already transferred a ton of my anxiety onto the car, and have not been driving much because of it, this did not help. I know worse case scenario it is only a repair, but seriously I am tired of dealing with car issues, my car is only 3 years old and well maintained!

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