Thursday, August 6, 2009

Loving the quiet days

My baby slept like a champ last night, too bad I didn't get Gray settled until nearly 3 am, poor kid was in so much pain, but seems a touch better today. We have a regular Daddy free day today, so I am planning to get a lot done. It is rainy, we aren't leaving the house, so we should be able to accomplish a lot!

I have a load of laundry going, and two more to run this morning. The girls need to fold and put away their clothes and clean their room, Gray needs to straighten his and all kids need to clean and vacuum the playroom. The house needs a general straighten and I already vacuumed. I have a million cherry tomatoes that I need to dehydrate, so they will get peeled and seeded today and put in the dehydrator. I also have a ton of regular tomatoes that will get peeled, seeded and pureed and frozen for future use.

Tonight's dinner is eggplant and chicken parm, and while it is time intensive, the whole family loves it! I also have to make more bread and want to make the kids granola bars if I get to it. I really need to get back on the milk schedule, we haven't been to the farm since before I had the baby, since it is such a hassle to drive all the way out there. I love the milk, hate the drive and the cost. We would do well to just get organic milk from Wegmans, but or cheese making I will need the farm stuff. Tough choices!

Now I will enjoy my cup of coffee, check to see if I need to order more coffee beans to roast and be happy with the gloomy day.

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