Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keeping up

OK, last night was bad bad bad...but I also know it gets better. Teagan had a gassy belly and was up, screaming off and on,until four am. Grayson was up on and off from midnight and Brittan was up around 4 am...yes Haven slept. At 3 am I woke the husband and had a meltdown, didn't help me much with the baby since she needed to eat again soon, but he did wrangle the other kids and do the dishes in the middle of the night. Today we are very tired, I think Ryan slept from 10-3 and 5-8, I slept from 5-7.

My MIL came and went, and I am very happy she is gone. She infuriates me to no end, constantly passing judgement on others, telling us what to do, yelling at the kids and she made poor Haven so upset and made her feel like she was not wanted. Let me put it this way, I will NOT be encouraging another visit for many moons.

Last thing I need to do today is make dinner. I have chicken defrosted and think I will just season and cook in the oven. We will have rice and wax beans with it since I have a ton of beans to eat. Tomorrow Grayson and Teagan have doctor's appointments, Grayson has been limping for a few days and Teagan just needs a check up. Other than that, I plan to skin and freeze a bunch of tomatoes and dehydrate some of the smaller ones too. I have a really nice eggplant that I want to use this week, not sure if it will become eggplant salad or eggplant parm, it will depend on whether or not I try out the new pita recipe I have. OK, off to grab the screaming baby!

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