Friday, December 31, 2010

This too will pass, and I will miss it

OK, so yesterday did not go as swimmingly as I had hoped. Teagan all out refused a nap, and Finn was very fussy all day which meant I spend most of my day trapped in baby jail with them holding someone.  I did not get as much cleaning up done as I wanted, but managed the basics of a few loads of laundry, vacuuming, dishes and I made dinner...buttermilk dipped chicken tenders, mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Teagan was a wreck by five, so while she ate i bathed Finn and then threw her in once she was done since I knew she would be ready for bed by six given the lack of nap. After she went done, she was up a few more times since she was over tired, but thankfully Finn passed out around 5 and slept really well until his next feeding, and then conked back out.  After I fed him, I laid my head down for a moment with intentions of heading downstairs to switch laundry again and straighten up, and next thing I knew....he was crying to eat again, I had conked out too!  Overall, we had a good night, Finn is a good little sleeper and aside from being up for a bit around 1 am and Teagan waking at 7 am on the dot, we are getting decent sleep which makes the long days more manageable.

Right now things are a bit difficult, but having been here before I know it will pass, and quickly.  Before I know it, the two little ones will be in school too, and I will miss the days of holding them on the couch.

Today, right after breakfast, all the kids and I are running to the grocery store....wish us luck! 

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