Thursday, December 16, 2010

No snow no school?

I am always amazed when they close school when there hasn't even been any snow.  Today we were set to get snow, possibly an inch up to five inches, however, it was not due to start until 9 am or so.  Yet they STILL closed school!  Snow began at 9 as forecasted and kids could have gone to school without an issue, maybe they would have given an early release, but seriously, they closed school before any snow fell!  Anyone taking bets on whether school will be delayed tomorrow and Gray will miss his field trip...yeah, I think so too.

Anyway, in an effort to make the best of the day, we got up and Ryan made a nice fire for us and I began baking off the gingerbread I made yesterday.  Then our babysitter, who lives next door, came by with presents for the kids and hung out here a few hours which was awesome since they were occupied with the gifts and playing with Steph.  Now I am going to rest a bit, then finish making the spiced chicken for tonight's dinner.  Not too bad for an unexpected day with everyone home.

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