Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Holiday

So the kids had a wonderful Christmas morning and it was declared the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER :)  Santa did well, and being that we are a cash only society and I had a baby on December 3rd, I was very happy that everyone got everything they wanted and more, and we have no debt to deal with in the aftermath!

My parents are here now and the visit is going fine, kids are enjoying opening every single thing they got and playing with it for five minutes and then taking something else out.  I am exhausted and need a nap, and will get one tomorrow if it kills me, the newborn schedule is not working with the toddler schedule and the mama likes staying up late schedule and three hours of sleep a night is getting old.  I am anxious for the kids to head back to school next week and then I will begin to get a plan and a schedule that will work for me and the little ones and finding my way of juggling everyone and everything.

Right now I am just ready for my parents to leave tomorrow, and then Ryan will go to work Wednesday and the kids and I will hopefully get some quiet time and rest while they are off.  The holidays have been deemed a grand success.

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