Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Hell?

God it has been a rough few days.  I have been working to clear up thrush in the baby and I, my hormones are a wreck and the husband returned to work on Wednesday.  We took our Christmas tree down Wednesday since it lost all it's needles and was a mess.  That night I made my first outing with all five kids alone and survived, and managed to get home, clean up all the needles and get the kids to was all going so well.

Then the husband told me he had go to the office Christmas Eve and I fell apart since trying to juggle everything, getting Christmas set up alone, and having to stave off the kids on Christmas morning was just too overwhelming.  The kids were upset since they thought he would be home, and they had also expected to have dinner and cake with him on Christmas Eve for his birthday.  In one moment, we lost everything we were looking forward to, and yesterday stunk as a whole.  Somehow we pulled it together, the husband left for work and I got Teagan and the big kids to bed.  I was watching TV for a bit since I had really pulled my incision and it was becoming a concern, but at 9 I headed upstairs with Finn to wrap the last of the family gifts and work on stocking stuffers.  Got upstairs, fed and settled Finn and then I heard the crash....the new tree that Ryan had brought home that morning and that the girls and I had decorated had fallen down, and smashed a bunch of ornaments.  That was it and I called Ryan sobbing.  He made the decision to drive home and deal with the glass strewn all over the living room and the fallen tree, and he worked from home last night.  This morning, as I got ready to make a run to the store, he told me he was working from home tonight and I am so, so happy.  Now the kids and I can make a nice dinner for his birthday and the kids can sing to him and have cake.  He can put everything out tonight and we can do Christmas at 7 am instead of having to wait for him to make the almost two hour commute home so we will actually get to have a real Christmas morning.

For the rest of today I have a few small things to clean, we need to organize the playroom a bit more and I need to move some laundry through and do a load of dishes.  When Teagan naps today I hope to make a batch of cinnamon rolls that I will throw in the fridge so Ryan can put them in the oven in the morning and I will make the cream cheese frosting and put it in the fridge as well.  Then for dinner I picked up some wild caught salmon that we will have with couscous and wilted spinach, a favorite meal of Ryan's and then chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert :)

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