Monday, December 20, 2010

You will find me under the empty boxes

Well...only in VA would you have a two hour delay for three inches of snow FOUR days ago.  Sheesh!

Anyway, today my entire days goal was to make one of the kinds of cookies I need for the kid's school parties...and to wrap all the kids Christmas gifts.  Ryan pulled all the gifts down and we sorted them in the dining room, and quickly found, they filled the dining room.  The kitchen became filled with the empty shipping boxes since most of the stuff had been ordered online and the wrapping took four hours, and it was a non stop event.  To see what the gifts for five children looked like was overwhelming, and the two littlest kids had smaller piles than the big kids with Finn snagging only 4 or 5 gifts total!

Right now I am just happy the wrapping is done.  I still have stocking stuffers to deal with, but that can be done tomorrow night.  I am also really excited that it may snow of Christmas.  We have some white stuff on the ground, but to have snow falling on Christmas Day would be amazing and fun for the kiddos, and I would love to snuggle in our Christmas jammies eating cookies and watching the snow fall by the fire.

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