Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No resolutions here

I write every year that I do not do New Years Resolutions.  I think they are just a way for people to trick themselves into thinking they will change something, and then when they don't, it is OK because everyone drops their New Year's Resolutions.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that most people want to make the change, but it is hard and takes work and to be honest, it is probably easier to begin making a change on a random Tuesday in September than at the start of the new year...pressure and all :)

So, I will tell you what my family will continue to work on. These are nothing new and are ongoing changes, adaptations, accomplishments, etc. that we have been and will continue to strive for.

We will continue to try to eat locally and grow more of our own.  The family will work to be good stewards of the earth and respect our neighbors and we will continue to try to improve the environment and not harm it.  I will continue work to build a sense of community in our home and to encourage the idea of "team" that we have built.  I will continue to branch out and explore new opportunities for learning, teaching and working and only seek to explore opportunities that align with my beliefs and what is best for my family.  The children will continue to explore their world, try new things, make new friends and work to define who they are as they grow up in our crazy little family. I will, of course, continue to love each person in my life with my whole heart, and try to be the wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, teacher, neighbor, student and human being that I can be.

I wish everyone the best as they head into the holiday weekend.  I will celebrate as I usually do, with a house full of kids and a bedtime before the ball drops, which is just how I like it.  I hope that anyone out and about having fun is safe, stay aware of other drivers and of course don't drink when you need to drive.  If you are a resolution maker, then I sincerely hope that you meet every goal that you set for yourself and have a wonderful holiday.

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