Friday, December 24, 2010

Found the joy

OK, the tree was a fiasco this year, and the hubby's work schedule kind of sucked and then was OK, and getting Christmas done with a three week old (today!) and three very excited and busy big kids and one 17 month old who is having some jealousy issues was an interesting ride, but here we are and it is good.

Christmas is not about presents, it is about here is what I am thankful for.

I am very thankful for my husband who deals with my craziness and knows when to make me stop.  He is unbelievably supportive of everything I want to do, and he manages to keep me moving in the right direction when I am losing my way.  He is the only person I will listen to when told to relax and stop "doing" and I always trust that he wants the best for me and the kids.  He is a hard worker and he loves our kids with his whole heart, I cannot imagine a better husband and father, he balances me in every way and I love him for it.

The kids-what can I say?  I am blessed with a diverse and unique bunch of kiddos.  They are all so different, it is so much fun to see them grow, change, learn and experience the world.  I know how lucky Ryan and I are to not only have been able to have five kids, but for them to all be healthy.  I love seeing how the dynamic of our family has changed since we added the two littlest members, to see my older children grow in their roles as big sisters and big brother, to see how deeply they love their siblings and how much their hearts have grown. Any worries I had about adding the babies and it having a negative effect on the big kids has long been erased as I have only seen a good and positive outcome for everyone.  I am one lucky mama to have these five glorious souls as my children, and while it may take us a long time to get out the door, and we may be a bit squished in the car, I cannot imagine any other life.

Tomorrow morning we will have a crazy time of opening presents, eating breakfast and then collapsing on the couch to watch the Christmas parade and Christmas movies.  We will have a warm fire in the fireplace, and food in our bellies all day long, and while I would love a day of no chores or duties, I will still do dishes and clean and vacuum as my little people tear through the house, and it will be a wonderful Christmas Day. 

My little tribe wishes you all a fun and festive day with those you love :)

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