Monday, December 13, 2010

These people, here, they are my family

It has been a rough day.  I haven't finished writing out the information about Finn's arrival and our hospital stay since parts of it were really hard to discuss, and well, I am hormonal and having a hard time dealing with some of the actions of others. I will finish it up in the next few days and think i will just discuss the good stuff, the bad can be discarded and ignored.

Today has been hard, lots of family drama on both sides.  It is really lonely sometimes for Ryan and I, we have family, but they are not the warm and fuzzy types that we wish we had for the kids (my sister excluded since she is a great aunt).  We dream of family holidays, and everyone having a good time together celebrating birthdays and such, and well, it doesn't happen.  We really hope over the next few years that we will find a way to fill in some of the gaps for the kids, and we also know that what we have built here in our home is a strong family that I hope leads to all those big dinners and celebrations in the future when our kids grow and have families of their own.

So I decided to let it go, let the drama go, let the nasty comments and craziness and my inability to understand others perspectives go.  I have to remember that my family is made up of the other six people in the house, they are my days and nights, my love and heart, my support and my joy.  They are the ones I look to each and every day, we are one team, one group, one powerful force, and that is what matters.  In this house there are six other people I love dearly, and they, they are my family and what truly matters.

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