Thursday, December 30, 2010


We have just begun our first long week, and so far so good!  Yesterday the whole crew went together to the farm to get the milk.  As we struggled to fit the milk crate in our very full car, it became clear that we are outgrowing the car quickly.  Every seat is filled and the cargo area has the when we are all together there is no room for anything else.  We ended up removing the stroller so we could fit the milk.  Thankfully, most of the time we run errands for groceries, etc, we are not all together or we plan ahead and can clear out the cargo space.  The truck is paid off in less than a year and I want to wait another year before we buy something bigger, probably a 12 or 15 passenger van or an airport shuttle, so we will just make do.

On our way home we decided to stop for a quick lunch.  We rarely go to buffet type places, but stopped at the local Ryan's Steakhouse so that everyone could eat quickly since Finn was coming due to eat and Ryan had to come home and get to bed before work.  It ended up being a huge success!  The kids were thrilled that they could pick whatever they wanted, I was happy they all picked salad as one of their items, they all ate well and it was quick and cheap...about 40 bucks for all of us to eat including tip! So while it isn't my favorite meal, it worked for yesterday and everyone was happy.

Came home and Ryan and Teagan took naps, I made stuffed rigatoni for dinner and off the hubby went.  Last night was good, got Teagan down just before 7, big kids and I headed up around 8 and everyone slept fairly well. We have no where to go today, so I am planning to use my spare moments to attack the post holiday clutter, do some laundry and general cleaning.  If all goes well, I will get a decent dinner ready before Ryan has to leave for work tonight and if all this happens I will count today as a grand success.  The 12 hour shifts that Ryan works, along with the long commute, means that his work days I have no help at all, there simply isn't time.  He will walk in this morning, hug and kiss the kids and go straight to bed.  When he wakes up, he eats some cereal, takes a shower, hugs the kids and goes to work.  The days and nights can be really long, but my big kids can be so much help and we have a schedule that allows them time to relax before bed and lets me get the babies settled.  Our life is ever changing, but I am am so thankful that they are positive changes!

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