Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On my own

tonight the hubby returns to work and I am on my own....well sort of. The big kids are on winterbreak starting this afternoon, so I won't have to do the morning rush and can ease into the schedule with everyone.  I am feeling pretty confident about the coming weeks, and know that the days I have the two babies it will be the hardest when Teagan and Finn need something at the same time and I have work to do, but I have done this before and we will find out what does and doesn't work.

This morning Ryan, the babies and I went and ran a few quick errands. Made a quick stop at the grocery store while everyone waited in the car, then on to the farm for milk, eggs, honey and VA maple syrup then a stop at the drugstore.  Came home and Ryan got ready to head to bed and I fed the two littles, started a fire, did some clean up and prepped for tonight.  My big kids have a half day, so when they come home we need to undecorate our tree since it is almost out of needles, and then Ryan is bringing home a NEW tree tomorrow that we will decorate again.  We have never had an issue with our trees since we always go to the local tree farm and cut it fresh, but for some reason this year it is losing needles like mad and will never survive Christmas morning.

So the kids and I will be on our own for the night.  I am making buttermilk waffles for dinner for the kids since it is a favorite meal, and I am hoping we all get some sleep.  Tomorrow, in addition to redecorating a tree, I also plan to bake Ryan's birthday cake and start cleaning the house. Ryan did a good job of upkeep but we now have some areas that need to be deep cleaned again.  I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of life, although I must admit the idea of taking the five kids out on a busy weekend somewhere like the grocery store makes me a tad nervous, but we will do it and live to tell the tale :)

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