Sunday, December 12, 2010

Major thanks to the husband

OK...I have to say that the last week my husband has been amazing.  The kids have been taken care of, the house has been kept up, the errands have been run and he has made sure that everything I need is there.  He has run to the store multiple times in an afternoon, up the stairs with tea, water and snacks.  he has juggled Teagan, who has a nasty cold, during the nights when she is up and crabby.  I have been up in bed most of the day since coming home from the hospital on Monday except to go to the doctor, one trip to Target, one attempt and failure to make dinner, and a trip to the kid's school for the pancake breakfast. He has handled everything else, and he has been simply amazing.  Birthday parties, trips up to the kids school to bring things, outings with multiple children in tow, a trip to get our beef order, emergency runs to the drug store...he has done them all and never complained. This has made this recovery, which was a bit rougher than the last c-section, so much easier on me emotionally.

Today is the first full day I have been downstairs with the family, although much of it has been spent sitting on the couch.  We vegged and ate a junky appetizer lunch while watching Christmas movies. Ryan made us a fire so we are all toasty and I threw the makings of spicy Italian beef in the crockpot so we can have Italian beef sandwiches for dinner with chips and salad.  The time taken for healing has been so helpful, and the coming week I plan to get back into the swing of things.  I need to go to the grocery store, with Ryan as my driver of course, and need to go to the pediatrician as well.  We are thinking of going to lunch on our way to get the milk and may take the two babies to see Santa Claus at the mall.  I even managed to get decent pictures for the Christmas card, so we will be picking that up as well.

So, a very special thank you to my husband for making me rest and allowing me to do so without worrying about the kids, house or anything have been amazing!

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