Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning

OK, I am going to break up Finn's arrival in a few parts so it is easier to type out.

We were scheduled for a c-section on December 3rd at 10 am but they called a few days before and moved us up to 7:30 am which meant we needed to be at the hospital at 5:30 am...eek!  The 3rd came and I stayed up all night since I can never sleep before c-section, something about knowing you are going into surgery and will be awake during it sort of freaks me out a bit.  We got up and moving and got to the hospital on time.  We had never delivered at this hospital so we had no idea where anything was, found Labor and Delivery and we were put in a recovery room to wait for the section.  The normal pre-surgery stuff happened, blood draws, etc., then at 7:30 I headed into the OR to get prepped and Ryan waited for what should have been 20 minutes, but became more like an hour.  The anesthesiologist sort of freaked a bit and couldn't figure out if she should do an epidural or spinal due to my heart condition.  She then had to go consult with someone, then come back, and then decided to do the epidural, which was fine since I have had them before....BUT she wanted to put in an arterial line.  OK, well that totally sucked.  It hurt like hell, she couldn't get it in right, she had to keep trying and never could get it to work.   The whole time I am freezing to death since the OR is so cold and I was only in a gown, and I was upset since it hurt so much and nervous about the upcoming section and I just wanted my husband to come in but he couldn't yet and see where I am going, it totally sucked.  FINALLY she decided to give up on the line, I got the epidural and Ryan came in, and I was so so happy to see him since it had been so scary and painful.

They got started and I got the shakes from the anesthesia.  I think they were so bad due to the nerves and the stress leading up to the section, but I was shaking really badly.  The section went well, Finn came out screaming at 8:47 am, weighing in at 8 lbs 7 ozs an 21.5 inches long.  He scored a 9 on both Apgars and was the picture of health.  Ryan left my side to go see him, and then they brought him to me to look at.  As is the usual protocol, Ryan left with Finn to go to the nursery while they finished up, and the doctor was kind enough to shoot me with the sleepy relaxation drugs, so I was dozing off on the table while they finished :)  The closing took awhile it seemed, or it could have been the meds, but finally I was wheeled into recovery. 

The best part about the new hospital was that they brought Finn to me in recovery, in the other hospital I would have been in recovery for an hour or so then moved to a room where I would finally get to hold my baby.  This time, they brought him in and I got to hold him and nurse him right away.  They also turned off my epidural so I got my legs back pretty quickly, which is always nice since the dead leg thing is so weird and uncomfortable.  Finally after about an hour, Finn headed to the nursery to be checked over by the ped and I was wheeled to my room.

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