Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kelley's come in sevens

Last night Brittan's homework included finding things that came in various groupings, pairs, dozens, etc.  She then need to find something that came in a group of seven....and her dad helped her with that answer, Kelley's come in a group of seven :)  Britt was thrilled with the answer and I am sure her class got a kick out of her unique response.

Feeling pretty good today, much more human.  Slept in a bit with the baby, ped called and said we were off the hook for the weight check which was a good thing since Finn had just wet through his diaper for the third time in a row, then he pooped, I changed him, and within 10 minutes he was soaked and pooped concerns over his eating :)

He was awake a bunch this morning and was so alert, looking around and checking everything out.  Teagan came up and sat on the bed a bit with him, she really likes to sit by him and doesn't grab at him or touch him much, except to try to give him his pacifier if it is not in his mouth.  It always amazes me how different it feels when they are finally on the outside.  I cannot imagine our lives without Finn, I cannot believe how easily we have settle in thus far and I am so excited to see what the future holds.  Life will be crazy with our full house, but I love seeing all the kids interact and love each other.  We are so very lucky.

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