Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out and about

Today I ventured out without my driver, aka Ryan.  Finn and I went to Target to get the last few items needed for the holidays and it was so nice to drive again and feel independent.  We began with a trip to the Starbucks in the store, then I meandered around the store getting what was needed while Finn slept soundly.  After finishing up at Target, I stopped off at Nathans to grab a hot dog since I have been wanting one for a few days and was happily surprised to find that I got a free scoop of ice cream from Brusters :) 

Made it home and started dinner.  We had a ton of fresh veggies left over from the delicious veggie tray my sister brought yesterday, so we are having vegetable beef soup for dinner.  Then I needed to treat Finn and I for thrush using Gentian Violet so we are very purple right now :)

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