Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pushing through

This recovery has been a touch harder, possibly because I am older, or because I just had a baby and c-section 16 months ago, or because the day I was released I pulled a bunch of my stitches.  Regardless of feeling a bit rough, I am getting around. Yesterday the husband, babies and I went to the grocery store, lunch at a local pub we wanted to try (yummy!), the farm and we picked up the Christmas Cards.  By the time we got home, I was very tired and sore but needed to wait until Ryan got Haven from her after school club before going to lay down, but thankfully around 5:30 I headed to my room with Finn.  While I am on leave from work, I still had some stuff to do on my dissertation and it was starting to feel like this weight on my shoulders, so I buckled down and finished what needed to be done and sent it off...and I am very relieved!

Today I am working on cleaning up a bit.  I have some baby laundry to fold and put away, I vacuumed and straightened up and cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I am also making gingerbread, but halfway through realized I didn't have enough molassas...poor hubby was sent out in the cold to get it, but will  be rewarded with homemade mac and cheese for dinner!  They are calling for snow tomorrow, nothing big, maybe an inch or two, but they are school delay and closing happy here so I want to be sure that I have something for them to do should they be home tomorrow.

Hoping to nab a nap before the kids get home today, then up to make a good dinner of burgers, salad and homemade mac and cheese...warm food to fill everyone's bellies on this cold, cold day!

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