Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a machine baby

Today was C R A Z Y!  After getting the three big kiddos off to school I nursed Finn and we were off to the doctor.  Thankfully he just has a wicked cold, and we have his well check on Monday so they will double check him just to make sure he is a-ok.  After the doc, I loaded Teagan and Finn back in the car with a plan to go to Target, buy a coffee at Starbucks and meander about checking out the wares.  When I called the hubby to tell him the good news about Finn, he informed me that the switches he bought to fix the light that crapped out last night in our only usable bathroom weren't going to work.  He was going all fancy and trying to put in a motion sensor light since our kids are allergic to turning the bathroom light off but the old wiring we have just wouldn't work.  He asked that I get a new switch at Target and hurry home...bye bye meandering time.  Of course Target did not have the switch, so I loaded the babies back into the car after grabbing what we needed and headed to Lowes where I got the switch.  On the way home I realized I forgot to buy lasagna noodles, you know, for the lasagna I was making for dinner.  Drove home, threw the switch at the husband and then headed back out with two babies to the grocery store.  Let's just say I walked into the store with happy babies and out with crying babies.  We ran home, I threw some lunch at Teagan and nursed Finn and Teagan has been passed out for over 2 hours and Finn napped and I made a veggie lasagna and a meat lasagna.  Just have some cleaning to do today and have to grab Haven from the mural painting club, and hoping for some good sleep tonight.

Tomorrow should be fun, we are having some friends for lunch so Teagan will get to play and I will get to chat with another grownup :)

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