Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I spend my time off

As I said in an earlier post, we are supposed to be in Disney this week since I am on Spring Break, but stayed back because Gray had the stomach bug.  No one else got the vomits, but there were some other issues going around the house and it was a good call especially since the babies and I had fevers most of the weekend.

After our big adventurous outing yesterday to get the church pew, I was not planning to do a lot of running around today, but that got switched up.  Ryan had to get his car inspected and needed to go drop a paper off at his school, so the babies and I tagged along.  After we dropped the car and paper, we decided to head to the farm since we needed milk and had put the order on hold this week.  It was running close to lunch time and Teagan was getting grumpy and hungry so we decided Cracker Barrel was calling our name.  Oh how I love Cracker Barrel!  Teagan and I shared a big breakfast meal and Ry had a yummy burger and we were in and out super fast and back on the road where Teagie promptly passed out with a nice full belly.

After the farm run, I dropped Ryan off at Wegmans to go and get four things...FOUR...and almost forty minutes later he emerged with four BAGS.  That is the curse of Weggies, you go in for one thing and come out with bags and bags of stuff, good stuff.  We finally got home, I got diapers changed and fed Finn and started on a hearty dinner of chicken caccitore and polenta.  Kids came in, we did the crazy afterschool shenanigans, I worked, babies were played with and we ate dinner.  After dinner I had a treat planned for the kids.  We got a new ice cream maker a few days ago and I had the core all frozen and ready to go, so we got the ingredients out and mixed up some chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips.  It was so good and the kids loved seeing it be made.  This is the solution to the HFCS in ice cream, we are just going to make our own with good milk and cream from the farm and fresh ingredients.  We can't wait until strawberry season to try our hands at strawberry ice cream.

Right now the kids are tucked in, the kitchen is cleaned up, well mostly cleaned up since I made some Irish soda bread that is baking and will be served for breakfast in the morning. I also packed the leftover chocolate ice cream up, washed the ice cream core and stashed it back in the freezer since I plan to make some special St. Patty's Day ice cream tomorrow for the kiddos.  Hopefully we will have some friends coming over to indulge with us...and if you are a local pal, feel free to come by around 6:30 after all the corned beef and shepards pie has been eaten.

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