Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Today Show made me drink

I saw on the Today Show that it is the parent' responsibility to teach their children how to drink responsibly.  Ryan and I really don't drink much, alcoholism runs in the family on both sides, so we of course worry about the kids having issues with drinking in the future.  So....we decided we just need to drink more, and I have to say, I am enjoying this "responsibility"  We bought some really cute glasses, they are the size of juice glasses so perfect for a smaller mixed drink.  I have fallen in love with sweet tea vodka mixed with lemon Italian soda, and I am planning to get some lemon syrup to add to our homemade seltzer and the vodka.  I have probably one or two drinks a week around dinner time and think the kids are going to learn how to not binge drink or drink to get the liquor is relaxing.  Now if only I could start to like wine more, for some reason I am not a huge fan.  Oh well, I will work on teaching the responsible way to drink Pina Coladas and Margarita's  come summer :)

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