Wednesday, March 9, 2011

See ya real soon Mickey

So, I can share that we were supposed to leave for Disney Friday.  We were set to drive down on Friday night and spend a week in Florida visiting the parks.  The kids were excited.  Ryan and I were excited.  Today we canceled the trip.

Well, technically we rescheduled the trip.  I had it all ready, new videos for the car ride, clothes laid out, we were set to go and then at 5 am Grayson started throwing up.  As a mom to five kids, that is a bad sign of things to come.  We live by the 72 hour rule of the stomach bug...usually the next kid goes down within 48-72 hours, which would put us in the car in the middle of the night on our way to Florida.  He was sick for awhile, so our concern was one kid might get sick on the way down, then another the next day, another the next, etc.  I can't think of anything that would be worse for a kid then being IN Orlando and right outside Disney and not be able to go to the parks.  Ryan and I had to make a decision, and we went with postponing the trip.  We are now set to go in October, and as a bonus my parents said they will also book and will come down to go with us and help. I am currently working on convincing my sister to come with her family, but they are probably not going to be able to come, but I will keep asking...daily :)  We have a trip planned for June with the my parents and sister and our extended family to a cousin's graduation, and I am booking a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the next two weeks to help the kids deal with missing Disney.  They are sad, I am sad, but I am happy we can book in October, that my parents can come and that we are sneaking in a Great Wolf Lodge trip could be worse.

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