Sunday, March 6, 2011


Not much to say lately, work is busy, kids are busy, house is busy, it is the same old same old around here which means we just fall into the groove and live.  Still tired, but got a relatively down day today.  Made a big Greek feast with Haven, then didn't get to eat since I am not feeling so hot.  Did some grading, laid in bed some, basically tried for a quiet day. 

We did have a family adventure yesterday.  The whole crew went to the local RV show and it was really fun.  Kids loved seeing, and climbing in, all the different types of RVs and campers.  Ryan and I looked at a few that we are really considering for next summer, including one super cool one that had a loft!  We would have bought the loft one on the spot since it was perfect for our family and a good price, except my truck couldn't quite pull it :(  I am pretty sure I know what we are getting next year and we are all excited to be able to travel around with the camper.  Financially we could have pulled it off this year, but our vacations are already planned and none were camping trips, so it really isn't needed until next year and I didn't want to buy it and then have it sit there for a year. After the RV show,  we capped off the night with a dinner out.  Kids were so well behaved, even Teagan who was up way past bedtime, and sweet Finn gave his tired mama a break and slept through the whole meal, it was great.

So, quiet here but a good kind of quiet.

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