Sunday, March 13, 2011

It may not be Disney....

but this was a pretty good weekend.

Yesterday we began the heavy cleaning and purging that will be taking place here for the next few months.  I had this corner of my living room where all my work stuff seemed to get dumped since I have no office and I finally went through and reorganized.  We also did some good cleaning of the main level and I began to gather stuff to go into the new storage unit I just reserved...hooray!

Today the whole crazy lot of us got in the car and went to Ikea, on a Sunday, all of us, and it was OK!  We got there later than planned since the whole time change thingy kind of screwed with us all, but we got there and went straight away to eat.  We got more food than we could eat for under 30 bucks which is why Ikea rocks, plus I had some wicked yummy broccoli souffle like thing and Swedish meatballs...tasty.  We traveled through ikea with only one major incidence of a kid needing to be yelled at, and a few minor "talking to's" but in the end we emerged triumphant and the kids even scored ice cream cones. 

I am redoing our bedroom...scratch that...I am FINALLY getting real furniture and decorating our bedroom so that it no longer resembles a dorm room.  I spend so much time up there in the evenings and at night when Ryan works that I want a nice, warm, comfortable space and for once have a little cash to spend on it.  Today I bought a new bed and a new quilt and a million odds and ends like candles and sheets.  I also have my eye on this chair in the Laxa blue cover...too cute!  Now I am on the hunt for some good sturdy dressers I can refinish, hopefully tomorrow I will go to a few local thrift shops and find something that works.  I cannot wait to have a cozy bedroom :)

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