Monday, March 28, 2011

Who me slack?

Life is crazy busy, busy and cold, it is also wicked cold for the end of March.

I am now seeing how raising five kids is a full time job, and what sucks is I also have a full time job, plus a part time job, plus school.  I am wiped the hell out, but I am trekking along.  I have a work trip in three weeks and while it is a bit of a drive I am looking forward to the quiet time in the car. I am also looking forward to seeing other grownups, eating a hot meal and sleeping all alone in a dark room....heaven I tell you!  I am hoping the three days away will bring me back recharged.  Once I return, I only have a few more weeks at PT school and then we are on summer break which will be very, very nice. 

Adding to my misery is the fact that my darling husband has picked up an OT shift for every short week in April, so that is three OT shifts that will be a long month.  May looks to be quiet, just kid activities, and then June we have the trip to NH and a potential trip to NC, then my ass will be here in VA until we head to Disney in the Fall. 

Speaking of Fall, I am stepping down to one class at PT school.  It is a senior level class, and meets twice a week but only for an hour and fifteen minutes and in the middle of the day.  I need to finagle the childcare for Thursdays, but Tuesday Ryan is home and I will be back before the big kids return from school which is awesome.  Stepping down is hard, especially since I like the extra cash, but it is necessary.  Currently I have almost 100 students a term at PT school, for this class it will be about 25, much easier to manage along with my other commitments.  I am hoping this provides me the extra time to be with the kids and work on my dissertation.

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