Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Follow up...

Thank you for those of you who expressed that you too are a tad crazy...nice to know I am not alone.  Being a mom is a tough job, and can be overwhelming on the best day, so it is always nice to know we all lose our minds from time to time.

Today started rough when we found out the dog peed on the brand new rug I bought for the foyer.  Seriously, I bought it on Friday after braving dinner out alone with all five kids and a trip to Target, that is so not the anointing I wanted.  It helped that I took the husband's car to work so I could plug my phone in and blast music. It helped a lot.  On my way home I stopped at the pet store to get something to clean the rug and the sweet cashier flashed me a smile and cheerfully asked me how my day was going as she scanned the bottle of Urine B Gone, seriously who could be having a great day AND be buying Urine B Gone?? Silly cashier.

Got home and had a good evening with the kiddos.  Husband left for work and the sitter stayed until bedtime which made the evening rush a little less stressful and I managed to get a little down time.  We did have some excitement since currently two of the three bathrooms are being renovated, the kids and I only have the one half bath to use and of course the lights blew and even with new bulbs it won't work so we pee by flashlight now.  I cannot wait to have our bathrooms back!

Tomorrow I need to bring Finn to the doctor since he is still sick and needs to be checked out, and then I need to start planning the summer garden stuff.  Still on the fence about chickens...should we get them??

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