Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am starting my own church

OK, not really, but I did buy an awesome old church pew today.  It is from an African American church in  local historic town and is circa 1850, and it is so freakin awesome!  It is going in our bedroom once I finish rearranging furniture and will eventually get a seat pad and some fun pillows to make a long bench under the windows on the front of the house.  We also found a really cool dresser with a marble top from around the same era, but we were not totally in love with it so we are thinking it over.  Redoing our bedroom has been so much fun, I wish we had done it sooner.  Even though it isn't done yet, I am loving the results and love going upstairs to see everything we have been doing.  I still need to get a dresser, a new floor lamp, under bed storage boxes and curtains and then I think I will take a few pictures :)

After our outing today, Ryan dropped the babies and I off to wait for the big kids and he headed back to get the pew since it wouldn't fit in the car with the babies in the back.  While he was gone I went to switch laundry and found water dripping from the room above....the kid's bathroom that we are all using since mine is destroyed, ANYWAY, I got worried.  Thankfully it appears that the children flooded the bathroom last time they showered and it was leaking down.  After a lesson on how we avoid flooding the bathroom, Ryan and  examined the damage and decided we need to get a new vanity and floor in that bathroom.  So...I now need to get that into the schedule of "to-do's"  It is a never ending list when you have a home and kids!  Later this week I will book the playroom carpet installation, our bedroom is almost done, then we will get working on the outside and the kid's bathroom depending on weather.  At least there is a plan!

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