Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday already?

There is something about lack of sleep that makes all the days kind of mesh together.

I am currently sleep deprived on a level that is dangerous and I am shocked that somehow I am still left alone with little people, lighters and a stove.  I need Finn to sleep on his own while NOT nursing during the night, that is 11 pm-6 am or so.  Currently he naps awesome on his own.  Sleeps like a champ from 7-11 pm and then something goes all Hulk in him and he starts screaming and clawing until I nurse him.  This begins at round 11 pm and goes until 5 am, and yes, he wants to nurse that whole time and always in some weird position so I can't even sleep through it.  Guess what time I fell asleep last night...go ahead and guess.....if you said 10:45 you hit the nail on the head.  Guess what time Finn was up, yeppers, 11.  I went back to sleep at 5:30 and Haven was kind enough to wake me at 6 am when she got up.  Sweet.

Then I planned my whole afternoon around a nap, and I am NOT a napper.  I worked, I had a neighbor over, I fed Teagan and planned her nap time.  I also had the dishwasher repair guy scheduled for 8-12, but he never came, NEVER even after I waited and held Teagan's nap!  Jerk.  So now she went down late and is snoozing, Finn is snoozing and I am on the phone with Sears for the 4th time ripping them a new one. 

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