Monday, March 21, 2011

Too tired for pictures

We got home tonight from a quick jaunt to Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown for two days.  We had planned to go to Great Wolf Lodge, but my kids asked to go to Williamsburg instead the little crazies!  I mean, what kids turn down the indoor water park for history?  Mine and I couldn't be happier.

We got up early Sunday and headed to IHOP for a big breakfast to fill our bellies.  We then started the drive down but needed to make a stop to change and feed Finn who was not on the same schedule as the rest of us.  Got down south and went straight to Jamestown where the kids had a blast.  We also made it to the glassblowers which was a huge treat and I got a starfish like the one we saw the glassblower making and Ryan surprised me with some beautiful green glass pieces that  plan to set out on a tray in our newly designed bedroom.  We then headed over to our hotel, well condo really, which incidentally my family stayed at the weekend my sister graduated from William & Mary (and the weekend Julia my cousin's daughter was born!)  We checked in and it was AMAZING.  Three levels, plenty of space for the kids, kitchen, living and dining room, additional living room space upstairs, it was awesome, and the best part was it cost us under 85 dollars for the night.  We got settled and then located a place for dinner, which incidentally was located right by Great Wolf Lodge.  Then we stopped at a grocer store to grab food for breakfast and I went back to work, but the internet wasn't working and there was an issue with a firewall and time ticked on and well, I ended up driving over to the business center at 11 pm to get the work done.  Slept not so great since Teagan and Finn were up and down, but morning came and we were off and running.

Today we headed to Williamsburg in the morning, had a delicious sandwich at the Cheese Shop in honor of my sister, and walked around checking things out.  After Williamsburg we headed to the Yankee Candle store which was crazy fun.  Kids dipped candles, there was a place in the building where it snowed, there was an animatronic show and a mini Dylan's Candy Bar. They even had retired scents and I scored my favorite, Country Linen.  I think we spent almost two hours at the store alone checking it out!

Then we were off to Yorktown which was much smaller than Jamestown but still fun.  We saw a cool artillery display where they shot the cannon and it was LOUD.  Visit the farm on site and got to meet some turkeys.  Finally the day was done and we loaded up and headed home.

We had so much fun and there was so much more that we want to do, so I think I will surprise the kids with another trip down either this summer or next fall.  It was busy, and tiring, but the kids had fun and it was well worth taking a day off from school for the kids to experience history.  Pics to come tomorrow after I get some sleep!

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