Friday, April 1, 2011

There is nothing sadder then a sick baby

My poor little Finny, he is really not feeling well.  The doctor told us it was just a cold, but he sounded worse last night and was up coughing quite a bit.  Today he slept a lot and when he was up all he did was cry and cough which is not like him, he is usually super happy and easy going.  Poor baby would wail and hack, wail and hack.  A friend stopped by tonight and I had her feel his chest and she could feel the congestion too.  My biggest concern is RSV or Pertussis, we vaccinate on an alternate schedule but he did have his first DTaP shot because of the recent outbreaks, but it probably would not protect him enough.  RSV he could just get.  He is eating OK and no real fever, occasionally low grade, but if he sounds just as bad tomorrow I am taking him back to the doctor to be safe, you don't want to mess about with a barely 4 month old baby.

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