Saturday, April 16, 2011

We have hard days too

It's funny, when I had two kids it was perfectly acceptable to complain when you had a rough day, to ask for help and to whinge and whine about the hard moments and lets face it, when there are kids, there are always hard moments. 

Now with my fab five I find that people really don't like it when I say anything aside from singing the praises of my brood.  I am not sure why that is, I don't complain more with five than I did with two or three, to be honest I probably complain less however it seems like I lost my right to have a bad day and say so!  I know I made the choice to have a larger than normal family, I know it is my choice to take them out places, but don't I get to have a rotten day once in a while too?  Is it not politically correct for us to have whiny kids that get to us, or be exhausted and say so? 

I believe parenting is hard hard work and regardless of how many kids you have, there are days that really suck.  Let the mamas with a brood whine too please, we happily lend a sympathetic ear when moms of two have a rough day,  give us the same courtesy. So who can guess what kid of day I had  :)

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