Friday, April 15, 2011

Why hello sunshine

It is a glorious day, windows are open and I started dinner early so I can take the kids to the park after school.  Teagan is feeling better, she is still sleepy but all in all she is on the mend.  The babies and I ran errands this morning and I think I am almost ready for my trip, except my car is doing some weird braking thing.  Thankfully I am taking Ryan's car and he doesn't have much to do with the kids and the car next week, thinking we may even be able to drop it at the shop Monday before I go and he can get a ride from the sitter to pick it up.

I have a new venture up my sleeve, well if you are in FB and my friend then you already know, but I am SO excited about it and best of all, I get to partner with some of the best people in the world on it :)  Not trying to keep anyone hanging, but it is just getting started and I won't be ready to "launch" until early summer, so I am just going to keep it underwraps for awhile.

Off to open more windows and soak up some more of today, tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and stormy so I want to enjoy this while I can.

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