Saturday, April 2, 2011

Falling into place

what a change from falling apart!

As a mom of a bunch of kids, you never know what each day will hold.  It could be awesome, it could suck, it could change on a dime, but you never, ever, expect that the entire day will go well, it just doesn't happen.

Today it did, and it came at the perfect time and made me feel fanfreakentastic.  Baby has been sick and I did not sleep last night but I was bound and determined to make it through the day.  Somehow, magically, we made it out the door on time and with everything we needed for the day...ok, not THAT magically, hubby did bring me home a huge coffee.  Got everyone loaded up including a little Finn who seemed pretty happy again and made it to the pool on time. Walking in a lady commented on how I got them all there on time...weird since it was 11 am, I sure as hell hope we have it together by 11 am!

Big kids had great swim lessons, Grayson's was one on one, Brittan's was two on one and Haven's was three on one, LOVE the small groups!  Babies and I sat there sweating while the biggies did their thing and then we were back in the car. Surprised the kids with lunch at Friendly's and of course we HAD to have ice cream!  Then back in the car again with a quick run through the Starbucks drive through to keep the mama energy up and off we went to the kid's Fine Arts Festival.  Made the rounds there, then back into the car to bring the very tired and very crabby troops home.  I even got my work done and ran to the grocery store and got home in time to hustle the kids upstairs so the hubby could get online to start work at 7.  It was a good day, a really good day, and tomorrow the husband is off and will work on the demolished bathroom, yippee!

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