Sunday, April 17, 2011


Tomorrow I leave for an annual three day conference in Pittsburgh.  I am not packed.  I am no where near ready to go and I booked Teagan's follow up at the doctor for 8:30 am tomorrow and I leave at noon, that should give me just enough time to feed Finn one last time before I go. I have to hustle tonight and get everything packed up!

I am looking forward to the conference in some ways, I really need a good nights sleep and I will get one sleeping alone for three nights.  I like my coworkers and enjoy spending time with them.  A mental break from juggling the five kids and the housework will be nice.  Two long drives, alone, with MY music playing...bliss.

However....I am going to miss the kids like crazy, especially the two babies.  I love the biggies but they are busy, have school and are pretty independent, and while I will miss them, they will do ok with calls before school and before bed.  My babies, oh how my heart aches when I think of leaving them.  They are still so little, and Teagie still feels yucky and I am not sure how Finn will do getting all his meals via the bottle for three days.  I have stored plenty of milk for him, and he has take a bottle every Monday and Wednesday when I taught at PT school, but it was only one bottle and the boy likes to nurse. I worry he won't eat enough.  I will leave tomorrow because I have to, and I will enjoy my moments of freedom, but I will miss my kiddies and be happy to be home, well until I see the mess they left me :)

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