Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today is good good good

Oh today, I love you so much!

It started off good, kids did their thing and were off without a hitch.  I got a ton done before they even left, laundry switched, floors vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, dishes done, towels folded....always good to start the day this way!  Girlies took the rolls I made for the teacher appreciation dinner which saved me a trip out and then I settled the babies into activities.  Ryan came home bearing boxes of goodies from our Quail Cove pick up and I sorted it out since a friend ordered too.  Then I hung with the hubby and my friend when she stopped by, chit chatting and having a nice visit. 

Soon after I fed Teagan lunch and managed to get my work work done while she ate, put her up for a nap and settled Finn and graded a bunch of papers for PT gig.  I still need to make dinner (buttermilk chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob) and go to the school to pick up Haven and have Grayson's parent-teacher conference, but I am not stressed at all and feel pretty at peace.  It has been a good day, and I hope it continues.  Windows open, candles lit and peaceful moments with sleeping babies, good good.

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