Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spoke too soon

So I published that last post on Friday night as I sat in my pretty new bed in my pretty new room and planned a fun Saturday of swim lessons with the kids, lunch out and a quick Target run. But then reality set in, at 3 am when Brittan walked in and told me her stomach hurt, REALLY REALLY hurt.  I told her to run downstairs (remember we have NO working upstairs bathrooms) and thankfully she made it and puked.  Yeah.  Meanwhile I was holding Finn who was woken up by everything and I quickly assessed the sick kid and realized she had a fever and she always pukes when she has a high fever.  Took the temp and she was over 103, double yeah.  Called the hubby and tried to figure out how I could be at the doctor with her and swim lessons with the other kids and it was determined I couldn't so I emailed the swim people to get a make up date.  Medicated poor Britt and got her to bed, settled Grayson who had a bad dream and settled Teagan who woke up from the noise and then tried to go back to bed with a very awake Finn.  Needless to say, that was pretty much when my day began. 

Hubby came home,  I checked Britt over and her fever had come down nicely with the meds and she wasn't complaining of anything in particular so we went about our day encouraging her to rest which she did.  Right as I was prepping a gourmet dinner of bacon and eggs, Britt came down from a nap and had a 104 fever while still well medicated...not good.  Hubby was getting ready for work, and was quickly told that I had to take her to the doctor, immediately, since Brittan is rarely sick and she was looking bad.  He called work and said he was working from home and finished serving dinner while Britt and I headed to the new walk in clinic in town.  Got there and checked in and paid the co-pay which is the same as at the ped (LOVE that) and got into a room.  They swabbed her for flu and strep right away and the strep came back positive.  She also has tonsillitis and an ear infection yet she says nothing hurts-weird kid!  Anyway, we finished up and they gave us her meds while we were there-double LOVE leaving with meds in hand! 

She is doing better today and played outside a bit but spiked a fever again tonight so she is home from school tomorrow.  Teagan was super fussy all day and had a 100 degree fever at bed and Haven had a 99.somethingorother, so those two are being watched since strep can run through a house pretty quickly.  So less got done then I wanted, and I am getting a wee bit stressed about my work trip in a week, but what can you do, kids get sick!

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