Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leaps of Faith

I always look before I leap, I plan, I obsess, I work through every scenario.  Change is hard for me, yet I constantly crave it and it create inner chaos.  We are trying to move in the next few years and our plan had been to move on the husband's job as my FT gig is from home, but we have started to reconsider.  Ryan's job has become more flexible, so much so that he could probably telecommute exclusively.  My FT gig allows for me to work another FT job, and I miss being "at" work, having coworkers I see and being in the industry.  I will have to step back in soon or I will forever be labeled an academic and not be able to get back in.  I also have great earning potential in the field, something we have known and had in our back pocket, but not something I am ready to move on...or so I thought.

In the last two weeks two jobs have cropped up that are perfect for me.  One combines my background in tourism with my specialization in eco-consumerism and marketing.  This is the one I really love, it is for a non-profit in upstate NY and would be a great move for me and the family.  The main issue is housing.  We cannot sell our house here yet, although we could probably rent it out for most of our monthly mortgage payment.  We could rent up there, and it would be OK, but we are a big family and I would prefer to move once into *our* house.  The other job is based in NYC and also combines marketing and eco-consumerism, this time with recruitment which is something I have done in the past as well.  Another good fit, it would get us back to LI but again the housing issue is a concern.  I also would need to work at least PT from home, my kids are used to that and deserve it, and it makes me a better employee. I applied for both, I guess we will see what happens.  If it is meant to be, we could be moving by the end of summer which is both terrifying and exciting all at once.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we will make good and wise choices because I don't like jumping in blindly!

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