Monday, April 25, 2011

Wish our Easter Bunny pooped cash

We had a good Easter overall.  The bunny went way overboard and there was way too much "stuff" for th kids, EB must be overtired and easily confused :)

The kids had some fab outfits and I would love to share a picture, but they would not sit still for one!  Thankfully I am planning to have a photoshoot of the kids and these are the outfits they will be wearing, so someday I will have pictures of them :)

My PT gig is wrapping up soon, which is a huge relief.  Ryan and I have started moving on some of our big plans to move, we are actually at a point that if something works out we could move by end of summer, although it really is best for us to wait until next spring, but we are leaving it to fate.  Kids are great, I am still ridiculously exhausted, same old same old around here :)

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