Thursday, April 14, 2011

We know how to party

Seriously you have not lived until you have woken up half your brood, put them in a car at 9:30 pm along with a toddler with a raging fever and high tailed it to the local Urgent Care.  Then, while at the Urgent Care, you MUST have your sick toddler wet through her diaper due to the massive amounts of fluids you have pushed on her only to find out you have NO diapers in her size or even her brother's size in the car and only have size 1 disposibles.  In an effort to win MacGyver Mom award, you take two size 1's and fashion a makeshift diaper for toddler planning to be back home within a half hour only to find that the Urgent Care cannot determine what is wrong with the feverish baby girl and that you will then be loading your fab 5 back into the car for a trip to the ER. 

Thankfully the diaper concoction held up until the hubby made it back from work an hour away with a diaper. Then he collected the three big kids and the baby and headed home around midnight leaving the toddler and I at the hospital.  Finally, after a chest x-ray, blood work and a urine sample (NOT fun to get) we left at 2:30 am, toddler still sporting a 102 fever on many, many, many high doses of motrin and tylenol with a diagnosis of a UTI and a script in hand.  It is never dull that is for sure!

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Michelle said...

all in a day's work mama! everything is a "do" as the tribe leader

hope T is feeling better!