Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Watch out world....I am starting summer break!!

It is a time of fear in my house, the day arrives in May where I am done teaching PT job and my family knows it is only a matter of time that I begin pulling the house apart and starting the big projects that have been waiting all year.  At present, we are already pretty pulled apart.   The play room is pretty empty and ready for priming and painting.  My bathroom is also in shambles and hopefully today the hubby will determine if we need a new subfloor and we will get the new tile this week for the floors...painting will happen at night by me.  Also on the plan, the new playset needs to be built, the garden needs to be prepped and the plants transplanted, I need to repaint the railing upstairs, and we need to do the playroom carpet and the tile in both upstairs bathrooms.

Today I plan to spackle the playroom walls and hopefully get the hubby to tape off the ceiling.  I need him to pull back the old floor in the master by the shower to see if we need the new subfloor, if not I can get painting.

The final BIG project this summer is to paint the exterior of the house.  I am picking colors as we speak, and it will be quite the process being that the hubby is only off two days a week and the weather will need to cooperate, but I am really hoping we get it done!

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