Sunday, May 23, 2010

I must be old

because my #1 rank, turns DOUBLE DIGITS on Monday!

Tomorrow, well I guess later today since it is nearly 1 am, the load of us will trek two hours to my sister's town to see them and my parents who are there visiting, take the almost b-day girl to lunch and hang out.  I am incredibly thankful that my poor hubby will be coming home straight from work and an hour commute, to climb into the car with me, since my mother was less than thrilled with the announcement of #5 and this is our first face to face since sharing :)  Thankfully I will drive and he will snore, both ways, but we will all get there and celebrate the fact that Haven is turning 10 AND that I have survived 10 years of being her mother!  Haven is a handful, she is my kid with all the medical stuff, plus she is very emotional and the child who I am most likely to clash with, so a decade together where we still love and like one another at the end is awesome and wonderful and fantabulous.

OK, I am really frickin tired and had to take another half a stomach pill, which makes me loopy, since Baby Five Alive makes me sick from 7 pm on, so I need to stop blogging and sleep.

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