Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can feel it coming

summer, oh those blessed days when I only have one job and I actually get to relax occasionally!

We are getting things done around here, it takes longer than I want, and is slower than anyone could imagine, but they get done.  Last days off, the hubby got the TV stand built and stained, it will move into place this weekend.  I have the baby's room cleaned up, our closet cleaned out and have been slowly attacking areas of the house.  The playroom is ready to be primed, and I am hoping for Saturday afternoon, since Sunday we are off to my sisters to celebrate Haven's b-day a day early.

If the weather holds up, Ry can work on the playset Tuesday and the garden, and I can paint the playroom.  I have a document to write for a course, and that is on the plan for today and tomorrow, if the program will work, it is on the fritz.

The sun is shining, I have a plan for the day and the hubby is stopping at the bagel store to bring me a bagel....good times!

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