Thursday, May 27, 2010

I would blog, if I could stay awake!

I have been really tired, like go to bed at 8:30 tired, which is so not like me.  Must be the combination of early pregnancy, work and the four crazy kids I have running me ragged each day.

Today is traditionally my quiet day at home, but it was a but crazier than usual.  Thankfully I am spending the afternoon firmly planted on the couch.  Dinner is going to be eggs and toast,  I just don't have anything else in me.  Havey has dance, and the kids all need showers, and tomorrow we all need to be out the door by 8 to get Gray to graduation on time.  Saturday will be nuts as usual with Brittan's dance class, Sunday has been declared "All the kids help mom clean the house from top to bottom" day AKA Phase 1 of Duggarizing, and Monday I am taking the dang day off!

Oh, and in more randomness...Teagan has learned how to move the baby gate!  We have one of those huge expanda gate things that can make a jail or barricade an area...we use it to block off the end of the family room to confine her just to thiat room.  Now she can dislodge the end of the gate and slide by, at TEN MONTHS...jeez I am in trouble.  She and Baby Five Alive will be sneaking out by 5 and 4 if this keeps up.  Teagie is such a sweet girl I can forgive her her mischievous behavior, but man what a smarty pants!

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