Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting it done

We are off to a good start today, well except for the whining and fighting from some of the littles.  I made banana pancakes for breakfast, Gray enjoyed five, Teagan and Britt each had three and Haven ate one....I think she is rebelling since anything I cook lately, she barely eats.  Got the dishes and vacuuming done, moved around some laundry and have the diapers soaking, kids are out "weeding" the big garden...I am just hoping they get the big stuff so I can till tomorrow, my plants need to meet the ground!  Baby just headed for nap and I need to make banana bread, get some work done and heat up lunch for the kids, leftover spice chicken enchiladas that they are looking forward to.  I also need to go inspect the playroom walls and figure out which need to be spackled so I can prime tomorrow, and if I get my work done, tonight I will sort the master closte.

Tomorrow is Ry's agreed upon down day, so I will let him watch over the baby while relaxing while I work upstairs organizing the baby's room and our room and then prime the playroom.  Tuesday he is working on the tv stand and the molding in the dining room and around the fireplace, and I am hoping to paint the playroom. I hope we get it all done!

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