Saturday, May 22, 2010

The abundance of online suckage astounds me

***EDITED TO NOTE...I am VERY hormonal and VERY tired and have had my share of BS and yelling and general crappola from the littles today, so take this with a grain of salt, or a pound, whatever you need to make it go down OK***

I find people really lack any sort of common decency online, and I teach at an online school, so this is based on years of experience.  There is something about the anonymity of it all, that people say things that they would probably not say to another person's face, or to someone they know socially.  It makes me want to jump through the computer sometimes, shake the person and say "HELLO...REAL PERSON HERE!!"

I just removed a comment from a blog I read....and I am not a comment remover.  I read the blog because I find the author writes well, and says so many of the things we all think, and she does so in a funny and interesting way.  I removed the comment since another poster, not the author of the blog, basically shit on me for it.  Hmm....I was just trying to help and may actually understand the plight of the author what with my gaggle of kid and night working hubby. So anyway, I became a comment deleter since I find that the other poster should really check my blog to see that 1.  I may actually have information that is relevant and 2. I am above being told to "shut up" . I am guessing I will not comment on that blog again due to the readership being so damn rude.  Sad since I really like the author.

Rant done.


Jen said...

Ohh, I just wrote you on Facebook. I'm so sorry. Please know that I KNOW you understand my situation and welcome your advice and insight.

Tribe Mama said...

I wrote you back Jen :)

No worries, I am always full of advice...sometimes it is even OK! I will be back in full force, just ask poor Emily over at Jersey Girl/On the Coast...she has to deal with me in person, no way I can keep my mouth shut!

E.W. said...

As the master of a blog that is always 100% certified suckage-free, I can assure you that posting on my blog would never involve anyone shitting on you, or they would get cut like a bitch.

Tribe Mama said...

Thank you E. You must update your blog more, if you do I will happily add it to my Blogroll on the side so others can enjoy. How is it there in the deep south?