Sunday, May 16, 2010

To keep the banana theme

I decided to make banana crumb cake instead of banana bread.  I LOVE crumb cake, if there is enough good crumb.  I found the recipe here at Southern Plate and made a few adjustments.  I used real butter since we do not keep margarine in the house and I don't have self rising flour so I added the required baking powder and salt. I also doubled the crumb topping because, lets face it, the crumb topping ratio to cake very important.  I also used butter for the topping...and please do not count how many sticks of butter are in my two crumb cakes, it is excessive!

They are heading in to bake now and I am really hoping they come out as good as the ones on Southern Plate looked.  I also believe we have finally reached the end of the banana pile!  I have one for Teagan's lunch today, a few more to freeze, and we are officially out of bananas.  So for my dollar's worth of bananas the kids ate a ton of them, I froze enough for two more double batches of banana bread or muffins or cake, I made banana pancakes, we had bananas in our fruit salad and now we will have two banana crumb cakes.  That bananas!!!

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