Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day...another reminder that our schedule is not normal

Tomorrow morning when moms around the country are waking to breakfast in beds of burnt toast, eggs, muffins, etc. and opening the handmade gift and cards from their children, I will be waking to make my kids breakfast.  Ryan works tonight, so he won't be home to do the morning Mother's Day thing and the kids are too young to do it by themselves.  Now I will get the handmade goodies and hopefully Haven will remind her dad to get me a card, but it won't happen until mid-morning.  I will juggle the kids, and clean up and do all the things I do every morning. I will then direct the kids outside and help them plant the flowers I bought today in the flower beds.  I will then feed them lunch while my husband gets a few hours sleep, and then hopefully he will get up and he and the kids will clean out and wash my car, my only request and the one present I want.  I wanted crab stuffed lobster tails, but the hubby doesn't know how to make it, so either I make it for myself (and the rest of the family) or just not have it....I have decided he can cook for the kids and himself, I will eat cereal.

Our schedule right now just sucks.  When Ry's schedule changed early this year, and now he works Friday and Saturday nights, meaning he has to sleep most of Sunday leaving him almost no time with the kids on the weekend.  It is annoying and exhausting to have the kids all weekend alone, but hopefully the schedule will change soon.  He also said he will try to get next Saturday off so I can catch a break, but for now, this is our schedule, our life and we made the job choices we did so we are here for our children.  **sigh**  Pity Party over, off to make Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner!!!

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