Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Step back and breath

Wow, it has been a rough few days for me.  Morning sickness, hormones, headaches and general work craziness has made life seemingly overwhelming.  I have all these projects on task, and for the next week, they will need to be put on hold until work is sorted, and this makes me crazy.  I know they will get done, but the problem with being Type A and OCD and living with a family that simply is not, means everything takes longer than I could ever imagine.

Right now my bathroom is in shambles and the husband and I are engaged in heated discussion over whether he should tear out the shower and lay a new shower pan and tile it.  I would love a new shower, ours is pretty old, but I also know how he works, and it could take months for that shower to get it is a hard task and I am not sure he is up for it.  I just want to lay a new floor and paint, and while I understand that the shower is old and not the best, but as far as we can tell it is not leaking and I can live with it for a few more years.  Having only the two days off a week and having to "adjust" to a regular schedule makes getting stuff done hard, and I need the bathroom, playroom and playset done by June so we can concentratte on decluttering and painting the exterior of the house in July and August.  See, hormones, they make a mama crazy!

So I am stepping back and trying to breath. I have to go and pick up our chicken order early tomorrow and then I promised Gray I would take him to get a new sprinkler, so we will.  Then home to work on rubrics for work and then to Britt's play tomorrow night.  If all goes well, tomorrow I will have a clean(er) house, more laundry done, a decent dinner on the table, rubrics for one course finished and a happy family....just breathing.

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